Cleaning Carpet Stains With White Vinegar

Carpets and vinegar should not match well together, or so most of the people think. The truth is high-quality vinegar with no artificial supplements is a surprisingly effective natural cleaning agent. It can easily remove particularly nasty stains without further help if you follow this hassle-free and straightforward algorithm.

Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle – about 50 ml of each would be quite enough. Stir well.
Spray the area around the stain and the dirty spot itself profusely with the mixture. Wait for about thirty seconds for the liquid to soak in the fabrics.
Use a carpet or clothes brush and scrub the area energetically. You will notice the dirt coming out in seconds. You will probably need a minute to remove even the more persistent stains.
Use a paper towel or a wiping cloth to dry off the area.

Leave the carpet as it is for twenty-four hours and then check if you need to repeat the procedure. My experience shows that a secondary treatment removes the residue of the stain at 100%. The whole process does not require more than five to ten minutes of your time. For more cleaning tips like this, stay tuned to our blog!

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